Face Unlock options in Google Pixel 4 for Payment along with New Google Assistant Features

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is going to the take on the iPhone flagship with its new Face Unlock Features. By using the help of this new advanced face unlock feature which was seen in a video preview can be used to make secure payment transactions on the pixel phones. The Google Pixel 4 smartphone will also include brand new Google Assitant which will help in improving your experience. The render for Pixel 4 XL has also leaked online. The specifications for both Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL have been leaked online where it was reported that the new phone will have Pixel Neural Core.

The XDA Developers looked deep in the update of the Pixel Tips app where they found that Google Assitant will come with Continued Conversation support. If you hate using Assistant manually each time then this new update will surely be helpful for you.

Michael Rahman posted a video in which he shows the Continued Conversation Features along with filtering the results in the Google Photos app. You can also use the Google Assistant to send a reply to a new notification.

During the I/O 2019, the next-generation of Google Assitant was announced. Not much information was revealed at the developer focus event. In the latest report, it was shown that Google Pixel 4 will support the new Google Assitant.

Google is also launching a new Face Unlock feature using which you can make your payment on Google Play Store. It can also be used on Google Pay to make the transaction more secure which is quite similar to the Face ID on the iPhone and iPad device. In a leak, it was shown that Google Pixel 4 XL will launch in the ‘Just Black’ color option.

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