iPhone to come with Led-Illuminated Logo, Patent from Apple

iPhone models in the future might get an illuminated Apple logo on their back. This LED-illuminated logo can be used to notify the users of any notifications. These speculations were made after the patent from the Apple company.

This patent was filed in 2018, before the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). It was published last week which was titled “Electronic Devices with Adjustable Decoration”.

According to the patent the LED can come in various colors which means that you will get a unique color of notification light for a different purpose which was reported by a news portal GizmoChina.

The LED illuminated logo has already been tried by Apple with its older MacBook models. You might even remember the MacBooks but it was later removed due to unknown reasons. While there is no official confirmation about the LED notification light in iPhone but it is highly expected that this new feature will be available in future models.

The iPhone lineup for 2020 might have a metal frame design just like it has in iPhone 4 in the year 2010. It will provide toughness and durability to the phone to prevent any damages if it falls.

The iPhone models which will release in 2020 may support 5G network connectivity. While the recently launched iPhone 11 series was supposed to have 5G upgrade but nothing was announced about it by the company. As 5G testing is completed, many companies have already started launching their latest modes along with 5G connectivity. The upcoming smartphones from the iPhone might also get an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Also, the new iPhone might not have a drop in the next models and will have an in-display front camera which will be a great addition. So to get more information about the iPhone series you need to stay connected.

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