Blizzard Gave Winnings to the Players After Becoming a Target of Boycott

Blizzard Entertainment a gaming company on Friday said that they do not ban the winner of the e-sport games due to him supporting the protests in Hong Kong as they tried to minimize the controversy. For about a week, the company faced backlash from games, US politicians and employees for the ban and stripping Ng Wai Chung of his prize money. After this, the company agreed to give him the prize money and reduce his ban to six months.

Ng is a player from the Asia regions who is famous under his name Blitzchung just won an important match at the Hearthstone Grandmasters tournament where he said in the Mandarin language that Liberates Hong Kong, brings a revolution of the time, in a Livestream interview which was not well received.

Later the president of Blizzard specifies that his views on the topic were not factors in the decision. Allen Brack shared this in the online post to the gaming community.

The relation of the company has no effect on the decision made by the company.

He said that the player breaks the rules and he agreed to it with knowing well of the consequences.

Blizzard got in a lot of trouble from the gamers as they decided to boycott them after Blizzard denied Blitzchung his prize money of $10,000 and also put a ban of 1 year on him.

Brack said that Blitzchung played fair in the tournament which is the reason why his prize money won’t be denied. The fair player rules are also applied before and after the game when the player is recognized as the winner.

Hearthstone is quite popular in the online gaming community and is famous for playing an online card game which is a turn-based game where each player gets a chance to play their moves.

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