Fortnite v10.40 Update Adds Bots to Help Players Improve, but How Will Skill Be Measured?

Fortnite seems to be all set for a revolution of sorts – it is planning to introduce bots to the player vs. player rounds. As a game, with more players looking forward to taking others head-on, the recent announcement has undoubtedly managed to cause some consternation. The company clarified that the players would not be competing directly with the bots in the player vs. player rounds. But that the bots would be available generally with the sole objective being of improving a player’s skills.

The fake players or the bots will not be in direct competition but rather that they would be matched up with various players depending on their skill level. According to the game, the more skilled a player is, the fewer bots he would have to face. While it remains to be seen how the players would react to the invasion of the bots, it should be pointed out that this particular update is yet to be rolled out. It is expected that the update would slowly be rolled out in stages rather than in one go.

It is expected that players would seek out more information from Epic on how a player’s skill is measured and to provide additional information on the new matchmaking system. It is expected that the new changes will make the game a little more complicated and perhaps, that may even help the game to become more popular. A few users have tried various methods to determine the skill level required and how it is measured. But so far, the information happens to be incorrect. The current reactions seem to be swinging towards the extreme, with more players being shocked at the thought of having to play against AI.

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