Outer Banks Season 3: Netflix Has Not Confirmed The Renewal?

Outer Banks is an original series enjoyed by millions of Netflix viewers around the world.

This Netflix exclusive series is filled with thrilling moments that will get your blood pumping, cute moments between friends, as well as thrilling chase scenes that will have you yelling at the screen.

All of these and more are what makes this show special and has been instrumental in getting the show the opportunity to renew its season just a few months after its premiere in April of 20202. What about Outer Banks season 3?

As of the time of releasing this article, the season 3 renewal announcement is yet to be announced and it is a clearer fact that Outer Banks season 3 will not be available on Netflix in November 2021.

In a recent report by the Small Screen, Outer Banks season 3 is already in the production process even although Netflix hasn’t announced the renewed show.

It’s also possible that Chase Stokes just revealed Outer Banks season 3. If that’s true that’s why the new season’s on the way and when is the release date? Do outer Banks season 3 release date?

Outer Banks Season 3 Release Date

Since the majority of Netflix Original shows tend to follow a particular pattern in the release of their season’s new episodes, we shouldn’t be shocked when Outer Banks season 3 is released in July or June 2022 as that’s the time that season 2 premiered this season.

However, as this is just a guess the release date might be earlier and later than what we have anticipated, so make certain to keep checking back with us regularly to find out the exact date for the third season.

Season 2 will likely answer all your burning questions, including and not just the whereabouts of Ward, Rafe’s mental state, and obviously, the story to the band we love most from North Carolina-based disjointed scums.

While you are waiting to learn more regarding Outer Banks season 3 take the time to go back and watch the first 2 seasons of the original show streaming today exclusively on Netflix to be as excited as we were in anticipation of what’s next.

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