Legacies Season 4 Returned The Vampire Diaries’ Most Legendary Weapon

In a different tie-back to the previous season, Legacies Season 4 brought back The Vampire Diaries’ most famous and deadly weapon – the white oak stake. In the course of three years, Legacies season 4 episode 4 ended with the inevitable take place: Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) gained access to her vampire nature and became the tribrid the most terrifying superhuman creature ever to walk the Earth. However, her transformation to vampirism was also a time of closing off her humanity, which is not good news for everyone who are.

The way As The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have spent many seasons exploring, vampires are frighteningly powerful. They also have the power to ” turn off” their humanity, making them emotional killers without guilt. In the case of The Originals, a.k.a. the first vampires, were even more ancient with incredible power and invincible using conventional methods. Even the methods to end a vampire’s life, such as burning them alive, or even staking them with a heart attack can only slow down the pace of an Original In the universe of the Vampire Diaries. Because Hope Mikaelson is the only tribrid that has ever existed, as the daughter of the first-ever hybrid Original, Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) She is also more difficult to kill, almost impossible in actuality this is a major problem given that she does not have any human emotions or morality.

But, Legacies season 4 episode 6 “You’re A Way Way From Home,” finally revealed that there is an option to kill Hope even though it’s the only way and also revived an effective weapon from Vampire DiariesLegacies is Hope’s weapon that kills Hope was made possible by a clever loophole, which was discovered when she became a tribrid. As always the natural world strives to achieve balance. Before Hope was made Tribrid on the series Legacies the trio of Josie (Kaylee Bryant) and Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) joined forces to bring a magical that grew into a sapling, which serves as a tribute to Hope and an ode to her human life and how much she was loved. But Hope was killed during The Legacies season 4 episode 6 Cleo (Omono Okojie) discovered in a flash of conviction that it’s precisely that tree that is able to destroy Hope in the event that one decides to create a stakeout of the tree’s wood.

Legacies Season 4

Fans who have been watching for a long time from The Vampire Diaries will recognize the stake from Cleo’s Legacy season 4’s Vision as a remembrance of the white oak stake mythologically depicted from the first series. The White Oak tree that was long thought to have burned was the basis for the Originals vampirism. Therefore, the stakes made of its wood were famous as the only weapon that could destroy the Original. Due to their huge impact on characters, stakes made of white oak were interwoven throughout the story as MacGuffins negotiations chips, dangers and plot instruments. Legacy was hinting for quite a while and now it appears there’s a method to eliminate the tribrid. Only Cleo was able to discover the answer but now she’s done it and it’s time to reveal it.

In hindsight, a heightened version of the white oak stake that is the only weapon to eliminate Hope could have been apparent. It’s a good story anchor that establishes The Legacies within the world that is The Vampire Diaries, something that the spinoff never appeared to have remembered. However, The fourth and final season, Legacies Season 4 did an excellent job in bringing the series back to its original roots. However crazy and melodramatic the stories that The Vampire Diaries were the show has always done well in establishing the supernatural creatures, elements and the supernatural in the laws of nature The first rule that nature is always striving for equilibrium, and when the balance is out of balance Nature will find an opening to bring it back to a level. This tree that Hope, Josie, and Lizzie were able to create while Hope was human, to become her living memorial, and the only thing that is capable of taking her down now that she’s a tribrid is a clever method of grounding the story within the broader context of the universe. It also reveals another parallel that ties Hope as well as Klaus which further emphasizes the reality that despite how she’s been fighting it and now that she’s a vampire within the Legacies world, Hope is quite a bit similar to her dad than she’d like to admit to.

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