First Human To Walk in Space, Alexei Leonov, died at 85

The first man to go on the walk-in space, Alexei Leonov is a legend in soviet cosmonaut who did this in the year 1965. He died at the age of 85 in Moscow due to a long illness. Roscosmos, the Russian space agency said that they are sad to announce that the cosmonaut No 11, who is known as the Hero of the Soviet Union and decorated twice with the greatest honor of the country.

After this news was revealed, tributes to the astronaut start coming from around the world from Western space agencies where they give him a farewell by praising his contribution to the world.

Oleg Kononenko, Russian cosmonaut said that his death is a loss for the planet.

Natalia Filimonova his assistant said that he died due to a long term illness at the Moscow Burdenko hospital.

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President also gives his condolences to Leonov’s daughter and the widow and said that he was a heroic person and a true trailblazer.

Dmitry Peskov said Putin and Leonov, know each other very well. Putin always admired his courage.

Chris Hadfield an astronaut from Canada share on Twitter, One of the amazing people he ever knew, Leonov, a spacewalker, artist, and leader, I salute him.

The European Space Agency and NASA also praised the cosmonaut for his contribution.

Leonov after his spacewalk become a legend in his homeland where movies and literature were featured on him.

In 1968 a film named, “2001: A Space Odyssey” where the original recordings of Leonov’s breath were featured.

It was also celebrated in a 2017 Russian movie, “The Spacewalker” where he acted as a consultant.

In the year 1970, a crater on the farthest side of the Moon was also named after him.

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