12 Dates of Christmas Season 2: Release Date, Trailer And Much More

The television channel HBO MAX in the final week of November had aired the first two episodes from “12 dates of Christmas” and the viewers were not certain of what kind of excitement would be maintained since there were a lot of other shows similar to dating shows on this network.

The storyline of this show is about the way in which the characters are trying to meet love while on vacation with people seeking the same thing.

The three singles featured in the show are played out over 12 dates, and the show is centered around this only. The show is called “The Sound of Music” takes place within as well around Austrian castle.

The people of this place would like to build a world that is the form of a snow globe. People here want things to be different and unique from normal people have in their daily lives.

12 Dates of Christmas Season 2

All About 12 Dates of Christmas Season 2

In this way, the cast of the show could concentrate on finding love rather than getting distracted by their daily lives.

The first season was a huge success, so the second season will be more exciting.

A new lead and the optimistic couples for season two of “12 Dates of Christmas” is not clear, however Jennifer O’Connell from HBO Max is adamant that in the initial season they were looking to alter the snow globe by combining all that the fans love about Christmas romances using a unique dating show format, and also a smile at the audience.

We are hoping to continue doing similar things in the second season. We’ll try to portray diverse people and their stories. This is a good thing for the show. This star Natasha Rothwell was a cast participant in the first season of the program. It’s unclear whether she will be returning in season 2.


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