When Is Sex Education Season 4 Coming Out?

Sex Education is one of the top Netflix new original shows, which is quite evident. Every time a new episode is released on Netflix fans of the teens’ series flock to the streaming service to discover what the students at Moordale Secondary School are involved in the upcoming season. After we have seen the third season, we’re eagerly waiting for Sex Education season 4.

Sex Education season 3 debuted through the streamer in September. 17 and, at that time, the television show was not renewed for the fourth season. Fortunately, during Netflix’s TUDUM, a fan-based event TUDUM in September. 25 the well-loved Netflix Original got renewed an additional season.

The popular teen show has received a renewal announcement just eight days following its third season’s debut on Netflix. If this doesn’t show how popular and successful the show is and is, there’s nothing I can think of that else will.

Unfortunately, the show was renewed just one month before, there’s absolutely no way that the fourth season will be scheduled to air on Netflix in November 2021. It’s not clear if the filming has begun at all. If we’re honest, we’re not expecting that the next season will begin in 2021.

Production and post-production both can take a long time So the 2022 date for release is more likely. It’s also rare to see Netflix release two seasons of a new show in the same year. This is typically seen in animated series.

It’s a shame that we don’t get to be seeing the students from Moordale returning to action in the near future however, at least we know they’ll return. We’ll just need to figure out when the release date will be.

When Is Sex Education Season 4 Coming Out?

If Netflix stays true to its usual method of the release of fresh seasons from its original shows, and there are no delays in filming, we might be seeing the fourth season available on Netflix by September of 2022. We’ve derived this date based upon when season 3 was released on the streaming service.

Season 3 dropped on Netflix in September. 17th 2021. Netflix generally launches new episodes of their shows one year apart, therefore the September 2022 release date is probably. But, there’s a chance that the season that’s coming up could arrive sooner or later than what we’ve predicted.

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