THE ORDER SEASON 2: A Horror Series About A School’s Secret Fraternity And A Whole Bunch Of Dead Pledges

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The Order is one of those Netflix shows that appears to go unnoticed due to a lack of coverage and the failure of word-of-mouth to properly describe how fantastic it is without sounding stupid when discussing werewolves and secret magical societies on a college campus.


Season 2 thankfully moves the focus away from male protagonist Jack Morton’s revenge plot and instead focuses on one of the most surprising characters in the series.


The acolyte handlers who were manipulating Jack, Randall, Hamish, and Lilith seemed to be misguided but harmless at first. Most fans hated the memory wipe of the season one finale in the first place, but it worked well as a delaying tactic to allow Alyssa to convince Grand Magus Vera Stone to induct the Knights. The Order always makes unexpected narrative strides that aren’t always well-intentioned.

Even with later clarification, certain plot threads in The Order season 2 seem obscenely convenient for a long time. For example, before Salvador’s off-the-cuff remark about necromancy’s predictive abilities, the fact that a demon stole the Order’s objects for the Knights and then stole them back along with the Sons of Prometheus treasures for someone else seemed like an implausible coincidence.

Given that the season, as last year, is divided into two-part mini-adventures (werewolf vengeance, rogue practitioner, emperor demon, Sons of Prometheus, and so on), the fact that Praxis finally emerges as the common thread binding them all together is a welcome surprise. All of them bring clarity, but they don’t entirely eliminate the disjointed feeling along the way.


Another aspect of season 2 that was less prevalent was Alyssa and Jack’s relationship, but in this case, the softening of that harsh edge only added to the strength of their brief reunion. Alyssa’s broken magic was a mystery that unfolded in beautifully unpredictable ways, particularly when The Order duped us into believing it was her love for Jack that was to blame — how boring would that be?

The Order season 2 has left an overall impression of heightened stakes and a welcome emphasis on the Knights of St. Christopher, and while some viewers may be disappointed by the effect Alyssa’s revolt has had and will have on her relationship with Jack, it’s precisely these kinds of repercussions that make a series worth watching.

If audiences applaud the show for avoiding the “bury your gays” trope by sacrificing Kepler instead of Nicole, or for featuring comedic guest appearances from celebrities dressed up as themselves, the end result is the same: they’re appreciating the show’s unique features.

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