The Offer Episode 10 Release Date, Countdown In USA, UK And Australia

A lot of people are currently looking for The Offer Episode 10 Release Date. After going through all the previous episodes fans are curious to know what is going to happen next in the series. To know all the details fans are looking all over the internet. If you are also looking for the same thing then you have reached the correct place.

Here, you will get to know about the upcoming The Offer Episode 10 Release Date in various regions, how many episodes will you get to watch in the ongoing season of this show, its spoilers, casts, as well as other information related to this show. Let’s check out its release date without any delay.

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The Offer Episode 10 Release Date

It is an American biographical drama miniseries about the development and production of Francis Ford Coppola’s landmark New York City gangster film The Godfather for Paramount Pictures. The first episode of the series was released on 28 April 2022 and in a very short period of time, this series managed to get a lot of popularity because it is based on the famous movie The Godfather.

In this miniseries Oscar-winning producer, Albert S. Ruddy has just revealed the incidents of making The Godfather and this is the reason why this series is getting so much love and support from every corner of the world. If you want to know about this series in detail then click here.

The Offer Episode 10 Release Date

Now here we are going to tell you about The Offer Episode 10 Release Date. Episode 10 is going to release on 16 June 2022. If you are curious to know what is going to happen in this episode then just mark the date and don’t forget to watch it on the given date.

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Where to Stream The Offer?

The original streaming platform for this show in the USA is Paramount+. You can also watch this show online on various platforms including Amazon Prime, and other services. The availability of this show on these platforms will depend on your region.

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Episode List

Here is the episode list of this season.

  • A Seat at the Table
  • Warning Shots
  • Fade In
  • The Right Shade of Yellow
  • Kiss the Ring
  • A Stand Up Guy
  • Mr. Producer
  • Crossing That Line
  • It’s Who We Are

Cast Of The Series

Here is the list of cast of this series.

  • Miles Teller as Albert S. Ruddy
  • Matthew Goode as Robert Evans
  • Juno Temple as Bettye McCartt
  • Dan Fogler as Francis Ford Coppola
  • Patrick Gallo as Mario Puzo
  • Burn Gorman as Charles Bluhdorn
  • Colin Hanks as Barry Lapidus
  • Giovanni Ribisi as Joe Colombo
  • Justin Chambers as Marlon Brando
  • Josh Zuckerman as Peter Bart
  • Meredith Garretson as Ali MacGraw
  • Nora Arnezeder as Francoise Glazer
  • Paul McCrane as Jack Ballard
  • Anthony Skordi as Carlo Gambino
  • Jake Cannavale as Caesar

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The Last Word

We are concluding this article with the expectation that you have got all details related to the latest The Offer Episode 10 Release Date, the total episode count for this series, its streaming platform, and much more. So, wait for the official confirmation to know the exact release date. If you have any questions related to The Offer Episode 10 Release Date in your mind, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to assist you in solving all your doubts.

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