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The Last Kingdom season 3: Cast, Trailer and Everything You Should Know

If you’re the one among your friends with all the suggestions about what to binge on in Netflix, then you’re in the right place! The Last Kingdom series has its reputation among fans. The television series has released 3 seasons up till now.

So if you’re excited about what comes next, do read through our article as we have the latest updates on the release date, the cast, the plot. It’s a trailer, and most importantly, everything you should know if you have been following up on the Last Kingdom.

What is it about

The Last Kingdom season 3 premiered on Netflix after BBC America. It is an English season drama based on the series of novels by Bernard Cornwell, “Saxon stories.” It is composed by John Lunn and produced by Carnival film and television.

If you aren’t familiar with the series, we recommend you to watch the earlier three seasons. If you do like it, be sure to check into our site for the latest news covered on it.

When is it releasing

The ten episodes of the last season premiered on November 19th, 2018. On December 26th, Netflix renewed the show for a new season. It is produced by Carnival Films.

The release date for season 4 is April 26th, 2020. Given its popularity, it might be a promising season.


Alexander Dreymon plays Uhtred of Bebbanburg.

Emily Cox plays Brida.

Ian Hart plays Father Berocca.

Magnus Bruun plays Cnut.

Jeppe Beck Laursen plays Haesten.

Arnas Fedaravičius plays Sihtric.

Mark Rowley plays Finan.

Ewan Mitchell plays Osferth.

Joseph Millson plays Aelfric

Eliza Butterworth plays Aelswith

Finn Elliot plays young Uhtred

Ruby Hartley plays Sierra

Stefanie Martini plays Eadith

Jamie Blackley plays Eardwulf

Einstein Siguroarson plays Sigtryggr

Toby Regbo plays Lord Aethelred

Milly Brady plays Princess Aethelflaed

Timothy Innes plays King Edward

The plot of the season

Set in the 9th and 10th centuries, the show revolves around the fight between the Saxon and the Danes.

This season of 10 episodes kicks off with the start of King Edward’s reign. Still guiding his son, his father Alfred asks Uhtred to pledge his loyalty to his son, something he refuses to do. The reason is revealed in the show.

One of the new attractions of this season is the romance between Uthred and Alfred’s daughter. After her husband’s death, he arranges to have Aethelflaed on the throne and as an ally of Edward’s Wessex.

In the finale, a Danish warrior Sygtrygrr captures Winchester and threatens to kill one of Edward’s sons. Uhtred again proves his loyalty to the Saxons and negotiates with him. In turn, he loses his daughter, Sierra.

Uhtred’s best friend, Brida’s hate grows towards him as he let her live as a slave instead of killing her.

In the last episodes, King Edward asks Uhtred to take Aethelstan to safety and train him so that he is away from his shrewd wife.

The trailer

The trailer was released in the first week of April. It provides valuable insights into Uhtred’s loyalty and his romance and also king Edward’s challenges.

The next season may be based on the books nine and ten of the Saxon stories. Stay tuned for more!

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