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Overall, ‘Kissing Booth 2’ has the same vibes and beats as every other teen rom-com about teen relationship problems.

Story: Elle attempts not to be the clingy girlfriend in their long-distance relationship when her boyfriend Noah heads off to Harvard to study. Will her decision, however, comes with its own set of consequences?

Review :
The sequel to ‘Kissing Booth’ picks up where the first left off. Elle (Joey King) and Noah (Jacob Elordi) are now a couple who are spending their summer in California having fun and enjoying the sun before he goes off to Harvard. Elle decides to keep busy in her senior year until high school returns, so she doesn’t come off as the clingy one in their long-distance relationship.

The kissing Booth Season 2

Even if it means ignoring some of Noah’s texts and phone calls. Elle is also hogging the majority of her best friend Lee’s (Joel Courtney) time, to the point that his girlfriend Rachel (Meganne Young) is getting annoyed with her. This places Lee in an uncomfortable situation.

When Noah persuades Elle to apply to Harvard rather than Boston University, as per her pact with Lee, she leaps at the prospect of them finally being together. Despite the fact that Noah’s friendship with Chloe (Maise Richardson-Sellers) makes her jealous and scares her to the point that she considers ending their relationship.

Back in high school, there’s Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez), a hot new entrant who competes for Elle’s attention by agreeing to be her dance partner in a video game dancing competition. Sparks fly between them quickly. Is there more to Noah and Chloe’s relationship than meets the eye? Will Elle be able to resist Marco’s charm?

The kissing Booth Season 2

Though ‘Kissing Booth’ had its weaknesses and problematic stance, the chemistry between the lead actors Joey King and Jacob Elordi was what made the first film so famous. In the sequel, though, they spend the rest of their time apart from one another, brooding about their feelings.

Particularly Elle, when it comes to Noah and Chloe. Much of ‘Kissing Booth 2′ is devoted to Elle and Lee’s friendship (which we already know about from the first film) and Rachel’s reaction to their constant hanging out together. On the plus side, Elle’s character arc is promising, as she takes her time to soul-search, stand on her own, and decide what she really wants to do.


Marco and Elle’s chemistry has a certain zing to it that adds to the intrigue. And the Kissing Booth event is full of sweet and romantic scenes.
Despite the fact that the dance competition finals add some excitement to the proceedings and the film ends on a cliffhanger.

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