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Well, hey there. Are you done with your “work from home” session for the day and changed into a fresh set of T-shirt and pyjamas with your hot bowl of Maggi as its drizzling outside? Now, as you prop yourself onto your thone or couch already running the lists in your mind on what to binge, you’re confused! And let me guess, you’re totally in the mood for some adrenaline rush? Haha, we got your back. 

You might want to check out “Southern Survival” on Netflix. Trust us when we say this, this show is one hell of a jaw-dropping, adrenaline-pumping show.

So let’s give you a little heads up, shall we?


  • Steve Jordan
  • Brandon Currin
  • Daniel Dabbs
  • Mikki Montgomery


The show of “Survival Survival” is your daily dose of action and adrenaline rush. Having 1 season consisting of 7 episodes, it shows The BattBox Crew testing out products which are designed to help people survive dangerous situations ranging from explosions to natural disasters and even intruders.

southern survival season 2
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A win-win situation show, innit? Learning survival hacks and getting all pumped also!

Well, the episodes deal with fire-related products, as is obvious from the name. It takes you through their paces, including matches that cannot be extinguished and fireproof fabrics. The team does not hesitate to go to great depths and lengths to check out potentially life-saving products all while trapped and strapped in an underwater car.

You might find few bizarre missions as they don’t hesitate one bit to get into the wilderness on a rescue mission to find an injured mannequin. They seem to take the literal meaning of things to the extreme, from challenging missions that include blades, knives to facing their fears pf snakes, drowning to braving a literal hurricane.

They do not seem to flinch from being disaster-ready even on vacation to even brave earthquakes, landslides, etc.

With IMDb review of 5.7/10, this is good to go show for someone who’s into goofiness and adventure. So, go get that laptop or remote and watch away!

Happy watching you!