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Smoky Clouds From Australian Bushfires Now Move Onto Chile From New Zealand

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Australian bushfires aren’t stopping anytime soon. An update from news.com.au tells another person being dead and about 136 fires still blazing. While this being terrifying, reports from metrological Department’s and NASA’s satellite images show the dark clouds are moving towards Chile after giving enough fears to New Zealand last week.

For days, Westerly winds have carried the smoke across the continent and are now shifting into a new nation. Fresh images from relevant departments show the moving paths of blanketed smoked over Pacific and away from New Zealand, to the South American country, Chile!

Alison Osborne, a meteorologist from Sky News channel, described the new shifts of Australian smoke travelling through. Further, satellite images from NASA show the formation of thick clouds that are bigger than the United States! A couple of days ago, New Zealand police reported receiving numerous phone calls from their citizens regarding the change of skies into eerie orange and yellow-tinted colours in Auckland.

Though police explained to them about the concerning conditions, it terrified people as they witness quick changes of weather. People described the caramelised snow, which was a result of smoke affecting glaciers and being mixed with dust and ash, causing to tune snow’s colour into brown.

Aside from this worrisome, a fact of Australian fires still being active and firefighters risking everything to help is still a big deal. Last week, New Zealand’s Defense Minister, Ron Mark announced sending help to Australia in bushfire aiding. This consists of sending personnel and three helicopters and stay till the end of January helping victims.

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While the situation seemed okay in Victoria with slight rainfall last week, condition at Canberra is worsened that led shops, restaurants and even government offices to shut. The Department of Home Affairs, which should be coordinating disaster’s results and managing emergencies, had closed doors citing poor air quality!

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