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Samsung will invest $11 billion in its quantum-dot displays amid growing competition and slowing sales

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Samsung is one of the biggest companies in the world and most of the people will not be aware of how big the company really is. Most of us know that Samsung makes smartphones and smartwatches and other products related to Android. However, Samsung also makes laptops, refrigerators and other consumer electronics products too.

But the most amount of money that Samsung makes is from its Samsung Display division which is Samsung’s division where displays are manufactured. So basically, most of the smartphones and TVs in current time are using a Samsung display. Yes, your iPhone also uses a Samsung display and so does the latest Pixel smartphone or the OnePlus smartphone apart from others.

Therefore, companies have to pay a certain amount of money per smartphone sold to Samsung for its display and this means that regardless of any brand of phone that you buy, Samsung makes money. However, there are reports that Samsung is losing out on the profits in the display department and one of the reasons behind this is growing competition. Since the display technology is making a lot of money, other companies have started to manufacture their own displays while reducing Samsung’s command in the area.

For this reason, Samsung is now looking to tighten up its screws and the company has announced that it will invest $11 billion in the coming years for its display technology. More precisely, Android Central reports that Samsung is investing $11 billion whereas the South Korean government is adding $336 million into quantum-dot displays. And the biggest reason behind this move is to stop the Chinese competition. It is also revealed that this new investment will create 81,000 jobs and initially will be able to produce panels 65 inches or larger at a rate of 30,000 per month. The new quantum-dot production line will be built in Asan and is set to start operating in 2021.

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