Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 57 Release Date

The Record of Ragnarok chapter 57 release date is a highly awaited matter among anime lovers. Record of Ragnarok (Valkyrie of the end) is a Japanese manga series which is written by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui and illustrated by Ajichika.

After its last release I.e. chapter 56, viewers are demanding for Record of Ragnarok chapter 57 release date. That’s why by witnessing this huge demand we have gathered all the possible information regarding this anime.  

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 57 Delease Date
Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 57 Release Date

We have divided the whole article into different segments.  With each segment, we will provide you with the latest updates about various frequently asked questions. It will not only help you to save time but will also help you to get on-point news so that you don’t skip anything. This, without any further delay, just jumps into the first section of the article.

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What Is The Record of Ragnarok Chapter 57 Release Date?

If you are following this series for the past few months then you must know that they release their upcoming chapters on the 25th of every month at 12 am.

It is equivalent to-

9 am for pacific time

11 am for central time

12Noon for eastern time

 But last month they released the 55th and 56th chapters altogether. This has created a vagueness in their schedule.

Earlier, the Record of Ragnarok was expected to release on 25th December 2021 then on 29th but still, it has not arrived. That’s why you have to wait a little more for exact release dates. We will update you regarding the same after the official revelation of the accurate date.

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What might happen in the next episodes?

This time the publisher has released the title and raw scan way before the Record of Ragnarok chapter 57 release date. You can check them on its official site. But right now they are in Japanese and will take a few more days for the release of the English version. Here is some assumption for chapter 57-

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 57 will begin the fight between the two. The seventh-round has been announced. It is most likely that Hades will be the first one to charge an attack. On the other end, Qin is going to act on a defensive stance. The first round will establish the course of the upcoming actions.

Where is this anime available?

We are unable to tell you the accurate date of the Record of Ragnarok chapter 57 release date but can definitely tell you where it will be available in near future.

It was first published in Coamix’s seinen manga magazine monthly comic Zenon in November 2017 and continues to do so. It also has some English publishers. You can check its previous episodes, which are all over the internet.

Will they release the second season?

 Yes, you must be glad.  After gaining so much reputation and recognition, its makers are forced to come up with its second season.  They are also planning to convert this print media into visual media, as the latter one is considered more effective. Netflix has adapted them.

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In this last section, we are about to conclude this article. We have tried our level best to incorporate all the details that we have till this date, regarding the Record of Ragnarok chapter57 release date. We have added the release date, its spoiler, some great latest news, where we can read or watch it with time, and many more. Hoping, you have got what you are looking for in this.

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