Ranking of Kings Episode 11 Release Date and Time in US, UK, India

Everyone wants to know Ranking Of Kings Episode 11 Release Date. Ranking of kings is a very beautiful and emotional Japanese Anime gem from wit studio. This anime was initiated on 15 October 2021 and managed to get great recognition around the globe.

The gripping plot of Ranking of Kings can be attributed as one of the main causes that have attracted such a high spotlight for this series. With the release of a preview of episode 11 people are very much enthusiastic to know about the Ranking of Kings episode 11 release date and time so that they don’t miss it.

That’s why here we have collected all the updates about this series. We will deal with all the possible queries that may have been presented in Ranking of kings anime lovers. We will tell you the exact Ranking of Kings episode 11 release, its spoiler, where you can watch it, and at what time. So give a complete read to this page. After reading, you may get all your answers. So without any further day, just scroll down.

Rankings Of Kings episode 11 release date
Rankings Of Kings episode 11 release date

The Ranking of kings Episode 11 release date is out now-

 The Ranking of kings has 10 episodes out as of now. And it has made people go crazy for its upcoming episode. So finally now your wait is over.

The ranking of kings episode 11 release date is 23rd December 2021 at 00:45 JST. It means it has already on air this Saturday. Before its release, they have officially released their preview as well.

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The Ranking of Kings episode 11 spoiler-

 After Ranking of Kings episode 11 release date, we are also leaving here with some hints about the same episode.

They have also announced its title which is “Ani to Otouto” which means “older and younger brother”. As we have already seen in the preview how Hiling truly cares about Bojji and her son also might have some hidden feelings for the prince.

Episode 11 is expected to open with Daida’s condition in which his mind has somehow revolved inside his own body. It looks like he is thinking of the past relationship in which he has a very close association with his older brother Bojji. It seems that he is missing their old lovely relationship which is far different from today’s reality.

As this episode has already been released, you can watch it to see the whole episode in complete detail.

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Can we expect season 2?

 Till now there is no official news regarding that. But by witnessing its huge public demand the makers might decide to produce its season 2.

If any official updates arrive regarding this we will surely inform you.

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Ranking of Kings Episode 11 on the online platform

 Online platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime which releases movies,  songs, we series are boons for binge-watchers, especially during covid days. Anime is also a kind of creative and addictive representation of movies. With the help of online platforms, people are getting more familiar with anime culture. It has also helped the anime market to spot a place in the online market.

Ranking of King is also a Japanese anime and is also available on online platforms with a base of millions of followers.


In this last section, we are going to conclude the whole page. We have mentioned the Ranking of Kings episode 11 release date, what can we expect further, its status on online platforms, its complete storyline, and many more. We will update you with all the further latest news regarding this.

If you have any query es left, kindly mention them in the theme comment section. We will try our level best to answer this as soon as possible.


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