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Just a few weeks after the announcement of an Ozark season 4, the release day was announced. Netflix released the initial glimpse (images) for Ozark Season 4 as well as the first teaser trailer.

Luckily we don’t have to wait too long to wait for Ozark Season 4 of Ozark to be available on Netflix.

Of all the coming Netflix series, Ozark season 4 is in the middle with Stranger Things season 4. They two are among the most popular Netflix shows at the moment as well as two of the top Netflix shows that will be coming out from 2022. The fans are eager to watch what happens next in the new seasons of the Original Netflix series.

Unfortunately, Ozark season 4 would probably have been available on Netflix at this point however due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the production was delayed by a significant amount. Season 3 was an enormous success and is easily the best season thus far. It was a rout!

The Cast of Ozark Season 4 Includes Returning Actors

Ozark Season 4

Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Julia Garner, Skylar Gaertner, Sofia Hublitz, Lisa Emery, and Charlie Tahan, among others. However, there are many new actors, such as Bruce Davison and Veronica Falcon.

The teaser trailer for Ozark Season 4 also includes the brief glimpse of Rachel. She was a major character in the show. In ignorance of the plot, she was furious when she learned of the activities of his accomplices.

Then, Rachel stole $300,000 that Marty kept within the lodge’s walls and then fled. After getting in trouble with the police she turned around and began watching Marty to get details. The deal was cut off after she failed to provide. The last time viewers were able to see Rachel came when Marty helped her get to a rehab center.

Although the new footage is composed by scenes from previous episodes of episodes in the series there are some who believe they are also hinting at returning characters.

After watching the video the fan posted online, “Blue Cat again? I believe Rachel will be released from rehab soon and will be ready for her former life…

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