Outer Banks Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot All Latest Updates!!!

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Season 2 of Outer Banks? It’s going to happen! Netflix’s teen drama’s second season is well underway, though when will it be released?

outer banks season 2

The show follows the Pogues, a group of teenagers who are attempting to find treasure left by ringleader John B’s father. It’s like a mix of Spring Breakers, The Society, and The O.C., with intense boat chases and sweaty summer shenanigans.

When Will Season 2 Of Outer Banks Be Available On Netflix?

Season 1 began shooting in April 2019 and ended in October 2019, according to Chase Stokes’ Instagram account. The show was then transmitted in April of 2020. We could see a new season in 2021 if season 2 meets the same production schedule as the first. Season 2 will begin filming in September 2020. The cast arrived in Barbados in March 2021 to begin filming in the Caribbean.

Who Will Return For Season 2 of Outer Banks?

Fortunately, all of our Pogues will return in season 2 after a thrilling final season. Drew Starkey, who plays Sarah’s brother Rafe, and Austin North, who plays Sarah’s ex-boyfriend Topper, will also have larger roles, according to Pate in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Ward Cameron will also be played by Charles Esten.

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New faces are also expected to join the cast. The library will be played by Elizabeth Mitchell (LOST, Once Upon a Time), who is described as “a convincing woman with a degree of toxicity and menace beneath her seemingly courteous ways.”


After the events of the first season’s final episode, John B and Sarah are (miraculously) on their way to the Bahamas, despite the fact that everyone back in the OBX believes they perished in the hurricane.

outer banks season 2

Season 2 will pick up right where we left off, with John B and Sarah’s plot focused on the Bahamas and whether or not they’ll be able to a) find the gold and b) return to the OBX. Pate teased that we’ll spend a few episodes with John B. (Chase Stokes) and Sarah (Madelyn Cline) in the Bahamas before returning to the Outer Banks to reunite with the Pogues while revealing that he was already working on season 2.

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“We realized that because the Pogues believe John B. and Sarah are dead,” Pate explained, “we could explore some dramatic possibilities before we get them all reunited.” Getting the Pogues together is one of our favorite parts of the season. That’s when we think the show is at its most successful.”

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