Money Mafia Season 3 Release Date in India, Watch on Discovery plus

Money Mafia Season 3 Release Date presented by discovery plus is back with some spine-chilling real cases of financial frauds, scams, forgery. Money Mafia Season 3 Release Date is out now. This new season 3, the documentary series will present many cases like Cryptocurrency cons, Ketan Parekh stock market case including the IRS call center impersonation case, and the Popular Finance case.

Talking about presenting the conniving IRS call center impersonation case and the shocking Popular Finance case, season 2 of Money Mafia manages to deliver well-researched, presented, and executed documentary episodes that bring out the precision and brutality manner in which these frauds were committed.

Money Mafia Season 3 Release Date
Money Mafia Season 3 Release Date

Money Mafia Season 3 Release Date

Money Mafia Season 3 Release Date is coming soon, so please up to date our website for upcoming information about Money Mafia Season 3 Release Date.

In the previous season, It is an age-old formula. One man or a gathering of men get together and plan to con a whole country on one thought. What is their usual way of doing things? Observe the provisos in the framework, exchange the ill-defined situations, win the trust of the working class by showing them the stars, and afterward take them for a twist by busting those stars into dust as they pocket the badly acquired benefits. Double-dealing, falsehood, and control are the normal subtle strategies. This is all around the narrative of each trickster who has turned out badly or… right and is seldom considered responsible for their “illegal exercises”.

Overview of Money Mafia Season 3 Release Date

Name of Season Money Mafia
Episode Number 01
Genre Experimental Rap, hip hop, Music Video & Concerts
Money Mafia  Initial Release Date Aug 14, 2021
Money Mafia Season 3 Release Date


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The release date of the money mafia is not officially announced. So its countdown is not activated yet, so please up to date our website for upcoming information about Money Mafia Season 3 Release Date.

Where to watch Money Mafia Season 3?

We can watch our favorite Money Mafia Season 3 on the official website of Discovery plus. There is not a single convincing explanation to push expecting you don’t have any electronic participation or not have paid connections, Nowadays the web permitted watchers that can get to any show series through different online platforms from any place and by whenever like Hulu, DirectTV, alingTV, YotubeTv, and some more. The availability of this web series over online platforms will vary according to region, so we’ve to look at whether it is accessible or not to watch in our country.

Spoiler of Money Mafia Season 3

The show then, at that point, digs upon the Popular Finance case that shook the actual reinforcements of Kerala in the year 2020 when the nation was hit by the COVID-19 first wave. The proprietor of the Popular Finance organization to be specific Thomas Daniel Roy alongside his significant other and little girls fled after a few of their financial backers had raised grievances of extortion. The episode exhibited how the financial backers were affected to put resources into the numerous approaches of the organization with the affirmation of profits just to be hoodwinked of their hard-brought in cash.

The meetings of the genuine casualties including a previous Indian armed force official and a previous government representative was tragic to observe. A powerless dad looking at watching his child pass on because of a drawn-out ailment subsequent to having been cheated off the cash that would have been utilized for his child’s treatment will pull at one’s heartstrings. The episode is helmed by Shawn Sebastian and will be delivered on December 1, 2021.

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The composition by Ziko Ray and the proficient examination by Nidheesh likewise features the inevitable capture of the family will keep one snared on till the end. The episode additionally talks about how the casualties’ solidarity and meeting up at the hour of emergency assumed a significant part in congratulating their equity.


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