Meet the Team

Raman Kumar – CEO

Raman is a technology passionate who loves sharing his ideas on smartphones, gadgets, and cars. He looks forward to imparting the spectrum of his insight and verdicts on the ‘Technology-driven world’ of today. He plans to take Moscoop forward with the consistent support from you readers, friends and family!

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Jeff Martin – Author

Jeff has many years of valuable experience in Business Development, Sales and Marketing. He focuses on increasing revenue, profitability and growth goals by implementing end to end solutions for organizations. He is also the founder of The Roofing Marketers, a creative agency. He is an avid fan of the New York Yankees. He shares his opinions on global tech giants here at Moscoop.

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Patricia Franklin – Author

Patricia loves sharing her ideas on smartphones and gadgets here at Moscoop. She is a very technical person and aims to integrate technology into people’s lives for the achievement of their growth and one’s own goals. Apart from Moscoop, she does a lot of freelance work in SEO and content marketing. She is a professional at reporting news content and has been doing it for over 6 years now for multiple publications.

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