Love Island USA Season 2: What Were The Reactions Of The Audience And Critics?

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A true believer Audiences of Love Island USA have adored Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks since they first met in season two of the show. The dating show is based on a famous reality show of the same name in the United Kingdom.

Love Island USA Season 2

The second season of Love Island premiered on CBS on August 24. Fans have been watching all of the young chiselled gentlemen and beautiful young ladies since season 2 began.

Love Island has been averaging 2.6 million viewers per episode in the United States. That might not sound impressive; after all, despite having just a fifth of the population of the United States, the most recent UK series regularly drew more than twice as many viewers.

However, Love Island faces stiffer competition in the United States, where other famous dating shows such as ABC’s The Bachelor, which debuted in 2002 and has sparked controversy, compete with Love Island.

Also, Love Island took five seasons to become the smash success it is now in the United Kingdom. ITV2’s first series drew about 500,000 viewers, but the most recent series drew more than six million.

The second season, which has already been released, will be looking for a similar upward trend.


There’s no doubt that by filling Love Island’s 8 p.m. timeslot with reruns, [CBS] could have gotten just as many viewers, if not more. In Vulture, Josef Adalian wrote, “It probably would’ve been cheaper, too.”

“However, even though fewer people watched Love Island, the people who did are arguably more important to CBS… They’re younger, more active, and there are more women among them.”This represents the demographic in the United Kingdom, where the majority of the audience is female and between the ages of 16 and 34.

What Did The Critics Say About The US Version?

The views were mixed and many critics found the show fun, but suggested enhancement.

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Ben Travers wrote on the IndieWire, “The original batch of Islanders was extremely bland and not very fun.

Love Island USA Season 2

“There is no manipulation of the producer,” he wrote. “One game required Islanders to guess who was targeted on insulting tweets of fans, but that hardly instigated uncertainty, let alone problems of the relationship.

Is there anything else worth watching? Yes, of course. Is it, however, pleasant to watch an unexpectedly gentle reality show about sweaty, superficial singles attempting to get along while wearing bikinis…? Surprisingly, it is for the time being.”

On social media, viewers have been mostly optimistic about the show, although some have made some suggestions about how it could be improved.

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