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latest PS5 Reveal Event Has God Of War 5 News, Teases Dev

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A current tweet by a Santa Monica developer has hinted that the upcoming PS5 occasion might have a God of War reveal as well. The highly anticipated title will probably be a sequel of the critically acclaimed God of War (2018), which sold over 10 million units.

The most recent entry in the classic franchise, God of War, was released back in 2018, and it was able to win a plethora of awards such as the much-coveted Sport of the Year award at Game Awards 2018. Regardless of the game after the events of its predecessors, it had been regarded as a soft reboot since it had fully revamped several core characteristics of the franchise. While previous names were based on Greek Mythology, God of War focused on the Norse Mythology, taking players. The transition of Kratos’ personality from the merciless God in previous titles into the responsible and compassionate father was acclaimed by the community.

In a current tweet (through The Game Post), God of War Engineering Lead Jeet Shroff urged fans to combine the PS5 reveal event to”enter the details about what the future has in store.” Quite a few job listings also have implied a new God of War is currently in evolution and the tweet additional hints towards the truth that the PS5 might see a new title in the God of War franchise.

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The occasions of God of War hint towards Thor being the antagonist later on. It’s been theorized that Santa Monica will be focusing on Atreus within another iteration since the story predominantly highlighted on Atreus’ identity towards the end. However, Santa Monica might not exclude Kratos since it focused so much on building the father-son lively. Rumors have also indicated that the sport might be called God of War Fimbulwinter, as Fimbulwinter is the period that simplifies Ragnarok in Norse mythology.

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Insiders and multiple devs have suggested that the PS5 might set a standard for the gaming market. As of now, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and Gran Turismo would be the two titles that are most-often rumored to become a part of their PlayStation 5 display occasion. A God of War reveal would surely build up the hype around the console and if Sony showcases the gameplay too, players may even see exactly what the PS5’s hardware is capable of.

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