Kylie Jenner unleashes her wild side as she covers herself in animal print




Kylie Jenner excitedly declared the birth of her newest Kylie Makeup leopard series on Monday.

Sharing a hot promotional clip for her Instagram, the 23-year-old celebrity was spotted covered in animal printing since she highlighted that the new makeup seems.

The movie opens revealing the most adorable Jenner sporting a cropped brunette necklace because she crouches down sporting towering stilettos.

The camera stands out as Kylie’s shape becomes a part of a leopard print layout that then becomes the creature print onto her skin because she transforms, sporting a long braid trailing down her spine.

The next area of the clip reveals Kylie in a diving cut-out bodysuit because she shows off a stunning feline appearance with thick black stripes and plump glistening lips.

The Leopard collection comprises a range of face, lip, and eye products. The crucial colours seem to be bronze and neutrals.


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‘MY NEW COLLECTION LAUNCHES TODAY AT 3 PM PST!!!!!!’ Kylie raved from the caption that was shared with her Instagram account.

‘About the Kylie Cosmetics webpage, a comparable caption read:’THE LEOPARD COLLECTION LAUNCHES TODAY AT 3 PM PST are ready?’

Meanwhile, Kylie disclosed she viewpoints butterflies as a sign’ of her connection with Travis Scott.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians celebrity and her two-year-old daughter Stormi dressed as the winged monsters for Halloween in 2018 and she clarified it was a really’unique’ outfit for these since the monster held such significance involving her and the child’s daddy.

Reflecting on her favourite Halloween costumes at a brand new movie, Kylie explained:’After Travis and I got together we obtained fitting little butterfly tattoos.

‘So a butterfly is simply a sign of our connection and Stormi, therefore it was very special to perform the butterfly costume’

This past year, Kylie, Travis, and Stormi all dressed as superheroes since they’re a’super’ household.

Kylie – who’s no more in a connection with all the 29-year-old rapper – said:’We picked our favourite colours and we’re superheroes since Trav always says we’re a super household and Stormi is a super kid.


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bad kittyπŸ˜›πŸ˜› my new leopard collection launches on the 26th only on 🀎

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‘I snapped this huge party for Stormi, a memory that I will cherish forever.’