Invasion Episode 8: When Will It Release & Airing Time?

The fans are anticipating the arrival in Invasion Episode 8 after having watched the seventh episode of the season. The American TV show has been slowly picking up the pace of its storyline. Additionally, the characters have seen a major change that has enticed viewers. The show is set in the world of science fiction. It is an extremely well-known genre. In addition, this genre has a massive fan base around the globe. This is one of the reasons why the viewers have demonstrated their enthusiasm for this show.

The first episode premiered on the 22nd of October and drew lots of interest. As the story progressed the more and more people have begun to tune in. It took some time before viewers saw their first glimpse at the aliens that appeared in the show. However, it was well worth it as the story demanded the appearance of aliens to occur at the perfect time. In terms of the reaction for the program, reviewers have an average opinion of the show.

Invasion Episode 8

But, it’s not proper to judge a program by the reviews of a few critics when there are a larger audience to view it. The well-known American filmmaker Simon Kinberg has created the series in collaboration with David Well. The show is starring Shamier Anderson Golshifteh Farahani Shioli Kutsuna and Billy Barratt as prominent characters alongside the other characters. The series began with the initial three episodes on the debut date. Since then the new episodes have been released is on a weekly basis. Seven episodes have been released so far and viewers are waiting to see Invasion Episode 8. 

Invasion Episode 8: When Will It Release & Airing Time

Invasion Episode 8 will release on 25th November 2021 at 12 AM Eastern Time in Apple TV+. The episode will be called “Contact”. The previous episode concluded with a dramatic cliffhanger and viewers are eager to know what’s going to take place in the next episode. As we get closer to the final episode it will be more exciting and serious. Mitsuki will be trying to come up with a solution to understand Hinata’s distress signal on his ship. While they’re at it, Trevante will try to find his relatives in America. However, will they be able to achieve the goal they’ve set on the next installment? Keep an eye on the show to find out in the next episode on Thursday.

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