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‘Hope is no more’ – Legacies 2

We’ve witnessed how ‘Hope’ has given her all, sacrificed herself to help others live. But is that all that’ll take to put down the vile darkness? Knowing the other series like ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and the ‘Originals,’ we knew that it’s just the beginning of the long path of heartaches.

Even after giving her mortality, hope goes in Josie’s subconscious as she was engulfed by darkness but first met with a pig (which seemed a sexist!). Later on, it was revealed that the pig was the ‘good’ Josie in disguise who doesn’t want her to get hurt. But then comes the evil ‘dark’ Josie. Will Josie be able to defeat the darkness when it is her doppelganger?

Release Date of Legacies 2

The famous American fantasy drama series captivates all the teens’ (adults as well!) heart because it is filled with all that we as teenagers dreamt of. But, cross my heart, it wasn’t intended to be like the ‘spring finale’ thing with a cliffhanger, but here we are.

Premiered on 10th October 2019, this series promised more twists and turns, but the Covid-19 gave the best twist, and it is stuck on the 16th episode now. So many questions are left unanswered, Langdon’s love for Hope and Hope’s revival from the subconscious, the necromancer’s evil plans, etc. But be rest assured readers, even if the 3rd season promised to premiere in 2021, then the rest of the episodes will be there with you as soon as we befell this pandemic.

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Casts of Legacies 2

The first and foremost, our cute Princess Hope Mikaelson was played by Danielle Russell, who pulled it through. Then our Pheonix boy Landon Kirby was played by Aria Shaghasemi, Kaylee Byrantas, Josie Saltzman, and her twin sister Lizzie Saltzman played by Jenny Boyd. And of course, the evil necromancer was played by Ben Geurens. Other casts include Matthew Davis as Alaric Saltzman, Alex Smith as Rafel Withe, Quincy Fouse as Milton Greasley, and many more.

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The plot of Legacies 3

As you’ve read earlier, hope is now stuck inside Josie’s subconscious (fairytale world), and the ‘dark’ Josie even turned her into stone. All this started when Josie’s boyfriend infiltrated the Salvatore school and deceived her into using black magic and channel it into the trident. After that, the ‘dark’ Rosie woke. Wait! The worst part is yet to come; the necromancer says that he ‘can’ (not that he will) bring everyone back from death if the others give him Josie’s black magic, and as expected of him, he doesn’t even bring Landon and Hope. All is left for us to see in the next episode (fingers crossed).



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