Good Girls Season 4 Netflix Release Date Predictions And Information

We were and down when we heard that NBC has decided to end Good Girls at the end of June in 2021. We were hoping to see more of the crime-drama show and thought there was plenty of stories to be told. Unfortunately, Good Girls season 4 is the end of the season and we are forced to accept the fact that this is the end of the road.

It’s been a while since the final episode of the series was aired on NBC and each month we’re hoping that season 4 premiere on Netflix. It’s November and there’s none of good Girls season 4.

We’ve reviewed the full schedule of Netflix films and shows scheduled for November 2021 as well. Good Girls is absent from the list. We’ll be forced to wait an additional month with no beloved crime TV show.

We’re waiting to see how things conclude. The writers had been hoping for a sixth and last season however since it was not the case, I am wondering what happens if season 4 concludes nicely. I hope that the series will not conclude on an abrupt cliffhanger because the show was cut short. I’m definitely going to be sad to see this show go!

Good Girls Season 4

Netflix hasn’t announced the officially announced Good Girls season 4 Netflix release date, therefore the only thing we can offer is our guesses.

Good Girls Season 4 Netflix Release Date Predictions

Our best guess as to when season 4 might debut on Netflix in spring 2022. If we examine the season’s releases on Netflix the seasons dropped on the streaming site within a year of when its season premiered. For instance, season 3 premiered in February. 16th, 2020 and exactly one calendar year after, the 3rd season was released on Netflix.

Season 4 first aired on the 7th of March in 2021, therefore, a year later it will be March 7, 2022. It’s a good thing we don’t need to wait this long to watch the final season. It is possible that we will get season 4 beginning in January or 2022. But, we doubt the fourth season will arrive earlier than spring 2022.


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