GENETIC DETECTIVE: Every Mysterious Storyline has Added The Below!!!


Let’s imagine a scenario, shall we? It’s all grey outside; raindrops are crashing onto your windowpane. You have no mood whatsoever to get back to your laptop to complete the pending presentation that you have to present tomorrow. You are totally in the mood to dive into that hot ramen and sizzling momos. And what could be a better combination than rains, Chinese food and a true-crime series, right?

Well, yet again, we got your back! We’d suggest you watch ‘Genetic Detective’ starring the famous investigative genetic genealogist, CeCe Moore.


  • CeCe Moore as herself
  • Steve Armentrout as Self – CEO, Parabon Nanolabs
  • Ellen Greytak as Self – Director of Bioinformatics of Parabon Nanolabs


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Connecting the dots in order to answer the questions… #GeneticDetective

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Just as the name suggests, this crime series airs on ABC network. Having 1 season with 6 episodes, the show revolves around CeCe Moore as she uses her extremely unique skills to transform the world of crime-solving. She has worked with the various police department and crime scene DNA, helping them in tracing the path of a violent criminal family tree to reveal their identity and help them to bring justice.

‘Genetic Detective’ is co-produced by ABC News and X-Con productions. Carrie Cook AND Marc Durian are the co-executive producers for ABC news.

‘Genetic Detective’ is one such show which dribbles with the opacity of the crime world. The show makes you believe that no matter how smart the criminal is, there’s never a time when crimes have been hidden. The most beautiful lie shall always be revealed as the ugliest of truth. Justice prevails in the darkest of times and hope is sometimes your only ray of sunshine.

With an IMDb rating of 7.2/10, this show is a great watch for all those who dwell into true-crime series. The world of crime is dark and murky. It can easily mess with the intricacies of the human psyche. 

So, go get that hot ramen or your cold coffee, up to you but make sure you don’t forget to check out this series.

Happy watching!

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