Firefly Lane Season 1: REVIEW, Release Date, Cast, Plot, Everything We Know

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One of Netflix’s newest original series, Firefly Lane, premiered earlier this year. The show is based on Kristin Hannah’s novel of the same name. Tully (Katherine Heigl) and Kate (Sarah Chalke) are best friends who must tackle life together. Tully and Kate have known each other since they were in eighth grade and have been through everything together.

Firefly Lane Season 1

The show covers three separate time periods, allowing viewers to see everything Tully and Kate are worthy of. Tully is a revered news icon in the modern-day, but she struggles with her history as she begins to fall for someone unexpected.

Kate is divorcing her husband, Ryan (Ben Lawson), while keeping her relationship with her daughter, Marah, intact (Yael Yurman). Throughout the season, viewers will discover what brought these friends to their current lives and the struggles they have encountered.

The pairing of Heigel and Chalke in a television show created some buzz, particularly because both of them had previously appeared on popular medical shows. Being a part of the same series was a brilliant idea because their chemistry was amazing.

They were able to play as lifelong best friends without feeling coerced or unnatural. It also helped that their relationship was depicted over many decades rather than being depicted in a linear tale.

Tully was a fascinating character to watch in Firefly Lane’s first season, particularly because of the house she grew up in. Most of what she learned as a child has stayed with her as she pursues her dream of being a journalistic icon.

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Chalke’s character was fantastic to watch in the first season of Firefly Lane. She spends the majority of this season’s character development being her own individual. If the show is renewed for a second season, it will be able to focus more on Kate’s relationship with her parents, particularly after the major event in the second half of the season.

Firefly Lane Season 1

The frequent flashbacks between the show’s decades were one of the few yet big complaints I had with the first season of Firefly Lane. The first episode takes place in 1974, the 1980s, and 2003. Heigel and Chalke have incredible chemistry, and it was so natural to see them together.

Their relationship worked because both characters were complex while still being vastly different. Given how the first season ended, it would be fascinating to see where their relationship goes if the show is renewed for a second season.

Firefly Lane is now available to watch on Netflix.

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