Facebook’s Privacy might make it a Suitable Platform for Child Pornographers, according to FBI Director

Facebook’s new encryption program is under a lot of lights from various security and law agencies. According to the Director of FBI, Christopher Wray, with the introduction of the new encryption program for the messaging platform will be the perfect place for the predators and child pornographers. During the time of addressing people from law enforcement and an official from Child protection at the Department of Justice, he said this plan from Facebook will let such crimes occur in America. It will make a lawless place where all the criminals use it without any fear.

After his speech and the Attorney General William Barr also speaking on the same topic put Facebook under a lot of pressure. The US government along with other governments might push the protections which can risk the messages billions of people exchange every day.

The speech from Wray was a part of the push by the American, British and Australian governments so that they will be forced to help the law agencies to make the communication secure by circumventing the encryption.

Due to the terrorist threat, the government is making sure to prevent these site to get rid of their encryption. When terror threat does not work the government change their tactic and focus on child abuse. The new privacy move was announced by Mark Zuckerberg is a cause of concern for many as Facebook tips law agencies about millions of Child abuse images.

While speaking on the company’s weekly internal Q&A Livestream, Zuckerberg said that they are optimistic about determining the predators on Facebook even after the encryption just like they fight against the interference against the election. While many have criticized Facebook for their privacy but it is also appreciated by many people.

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