Dogs In Space Season 2: Release Date, Cast And More

The animated kids show Dogs in Space premiered on Netflix in November. 18 and children all over enjoyed 10 shows of this fun and quirky Netflix exclusive series. They’re now wondering what they’ll get in the next episodes released on the streaming service very soon. Is there an episode of Dogs in Space season two?

The Dogs of Space The story is about the genetically enhanced dogs who travel across the universe in search of an earth that is suitable that humans can reside on. The dogs want to save humanity and live happily with their human counterparts in this new world. It’s a fun show you should watch with your children.

Even though the children’s animated TV show was not able to secure a place in the overall list of the top 10 however, it did maintain the no. 5 position on the children’s most-viewed list of top 10 shows on Netflix following its debut. Additionally, the show remained in the top 10 list through November. 22. Therefore, it is clear that children are watching the show.

They’re excited to watch additional episodes. You’re likely seeking out information about the second season of Dogs in Space season 2. You’re in the right spot because we’re going to tell all we know about the upcoming series of the children’s show.

Dogs In Space Season 2 Release Date

Dogs In Space Season 2

Netflix hasn’t released the official release date for season 2 yet. However, the new season will likely be available on Netflix around 2022. The earliest that we believe the second season will be available on Netflix will be in February 2022. Netflix generally releases fresh seasons of its children’s shows to streamers between three and six months. It’s not clear whether the next season will debut in the first quarter of 2022 however, we believe that it will be released to Netflix around 2022.

If Netflix announces the official release date we’ll notify you to know.

Dogs In Space Season 2 Cast

There’s no official cast list for season 2 available yet However, we’re expecting the voice actors from season 1 to return during the second series. There could be some new members added to the cast for this season’s second. We’ll keep you informed if any new members of the cast join the show.

The main cast of season 2 below:

  • Sarah Chalke as Stella
  • Haley Joel Osment as Garbage
  • Kimiko Glenn as Nomi
  • Chris Parnell as Ed
  • David Lopez as Chonies
  • William Jackson Harper as Loaf
  • Debra Wilson as Kira

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