Doctor Who Season 13: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And All The Latest News Update!!

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Although no official premiere date for Doctor Who series 13 has been set, the BBC has confirmed that the new episodes will air in 2021, most likely in the autumn or winter towards the end of the year.

Doctor Who Season 13

Fortunately, John Bishop’s casting was accompanied by the promise that ‘later this year’ new episodes will follow, so we hope we won’t have much time to wait.

Despite the lack of official confirmation of Whittaker’s departure as the Thirteenth Doctor (and plans for the Fourteenth Doctor’s casting), these arguments may have some merit.

Actors who have played the Doctor in the modern age of Doctor Who, starting with Christopher Eccleston’s season, have usually stayed in the role for two to three seasons before leaving and enabling the character to regenerate into the form of another actor.

Whittaker will be in her third season as the Doctor, leading to reports that this will be her last season on the BBC series.

Season 13 of Doctor Who must find a way to reintroduce UNIT, correcting the mistaken decision to eliminate the task force. Doctor Who ended UNIT in the New Year’s special of 2020 to make a political comment about Brexit.

Although the Doctor and her friends’ lives were certainly put in jeopardy by UNIT’s demise in “Resolution,” cutting the organization was an irresponsible step. Since the classic movie, UNIT, also known as the Unified Intelligence Taskforce, has been the main character in Doctor Who.

The organization is a well-known part of the show’s lore, having featured several well-known characters, including the Brigadier and his granddaughter, Kate Stewart.

Unfortunately, UNIT succumbed to Doctor Who’s proclivity for sacrificing story in favor of political statements. While there is still hope for UNIT’s rebirth in the future, the organization’s fate is currently unknown.


Additionally, it’s been reported that season 13 filming is currently underway and will feature legendary Crimean War nurse Mary Seacole, in keeping with the series’ recent theme of emotional historical episodes, though this storyline has yet to be formally announced.

Of course, those revelations in the season 12 finale episode The Timeless Children – namely, that the Doctor was a being from another dimension who was harvested by the Time Lords for regeneration and subsequently lived countless lifetimes that were later removed from her mind – are likely to be picked up in season 13, particularly after the Doctor mentions these issues again in 2021.

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