Depression In Children Due To Lack Of Attention, TV And Internet Can Get Suicide Option

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Children of depression can be not only young or adults but also children. Any child older than 6 years of age can be a victim of depression. It is usually natural for a child to be angry or angry, but if the child is showing unusual signs of silence then he should not be ignored at all. The body language of children suffering from depression can also be explained by their problems. Know the symptoms of depression in children

Depression In Children Due To Lack Of Attention

According To Dr. Pragya Rashmi, The Initial Symptoms of Depression In Children Are As Follows –

Irritating in nature or very angry, always being unhappy.
A sudden change in sleep, poor sleep, or sleeping too much for too long.
Always be hopeless and give up without trying anything.
Exhaustion and low energy.

Reducing concentration and making yourself more vulnerable to minor mistakes.
Keeping distance from social activities, less interaction with friends and relatives.

Panic Attack

According to Dr. Pragya, a panic attack is also called an anxiety attack. In many people, this is an early period of depression. Sometimes panic attacks and depression can occur simultaneously. Many times an anxiety attack remains only an anxiety attack, not even leading to depression. In such a situation, negativity always prevails over sick people.

Being Depressed And Depressed Are Both Different Things.

Dr. Pragya Rashmi says that every child who is silent is not necessarily a victim of depression. The child may also become depressed. If the child is calm, not talking to anyone, he likes darkness, then the child may become depressed. But the child is doing everything, yet is very slow, he is not enjoying anything, if he is not interested in anything, then the child may be in depression.

Depression In Children Due To Lack Of Attention

For example, a child loves swimming and when he used to go swimming before, he was happy chirping, but suddenly he stopped enjoying swimming, which means that he is in depression.

Causes Of Depression In Children

According to Dr. Pragya, after getting a lot of attention together, people often go into depression due to not getting sudden attention. Therefore, children who get fame at a young age are at a higher risk. Apart from this, there is tension in the house, things like family quarrels, sexual abuse, relationships also cause depression in children.

TV And The Internet Are Telling The Option Of Suicide

Dr. Pragya says that in the last 10 years, cases of suicide among fourth-fifths children have been increasing rapidly in Asia. This is because of the changing lifestyle, biochemical changes, eating fast food and the biggest reason is the media environment.

When children see someone doing suicide on TV, then it comes to their mind that if nothing is found then we can do it too. In children, the ability to adopt rejections begins to decrease.

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Haikyuu Season 5: Read All The Latest Updates Here!!!

‘Haikyuu!!' is a sports anime about volleyball based on the manga series of the same name written and illustrated...

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