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Netflix series Black may have ended after season three established back in June. Dark has been charged as”mind-bending” and surely challenges its audiences no conclusion. The series left audiences with a lot of questions, especially the interconnected family tree in Winden from the German sci-fi collection.

Season three saw that the Winden family tree finished as the lost bits were stuffed in.

One of the branches to be clarified were Regina Tiedemann (played by Deborah Kaufmann) along with the Noah’s (Mark Waschke) parents.

Additionally, viewers eventually fulfilled Jonas Kahnwald (Louis Hofmann) and Martha Nielsen’s (Lisa Vicari) kid, that had been known just as the Unknown (Jakob Diehl).

In amid these revelations and hyperlinks inside the family tree made by time-travelling, audiences also found more about Katharina Nielsen’s (Jördis Triebel) background.

Viewers learned Katharina’s mum was Helene Albers (Katharina Spiering), a nurse who worked in the Winden asylum.

She was also the girl who’d wind up murdering her grown-up daughter through a brutal struggle between the two girls.

In the past three, Helene has been demonstrated to be one mom and an alcoholic using Katharina (Nele Trebs) with a challenging childhood.


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Helene became an alcoholic to deal with the shock of killing adult Katharina and seeking to cover up the offence.

While it wasn’t explicitly stated, audiences never fulfilled Katharina’s husband but there almost appeared to be the proposal she had been the product of incest.

The only other man using the surname Albers was farmer Hermann (Thomas Arnold), whose sheep died in season one in 2019.

Even though this just indicates Helene and Hermann were associated, there was a shadowy scene in the 50s which hinted something sinister could be happening.

A youthful Helene was seen becoming abortion, prompting suggestions of child abuse.

This may match with Helene possibly being sexually assaulted by her man relative Hermann and opting to maintain the kid as opposed to a termination.

But, Helene might have had to proceed with the process from the 50s differently Katharina will be too outdated.

Therefore, it’s probably there might have been repeated abuse over an extended period, which may also account for Helene’s drinking issue.

Many lovers of Black have been ruminating on this stage with a single Reddit user called McIver composing: “Is it confirmed in-show she and Hermann are wed?

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