Bulletproof Season 2: Action Has Been Reloaded!!!

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The relationship between Bishop and Pike remains a year after the events of Series 1, but it’s hard to disregard the harm caused by some of last year’s testing cases. It’s up to those left behind to pick up the pieces and put the puzzle back together, which is just what Bishop and Pike are doing right now…until they’re drawn into their most risky case yet.

Bulletproof Season 2

As Bishop, Pike, and the rest of the squad are sucked into the risky world of undercover policing, what begins off as a routine sting turns into something even more dangerous. Bishop and Pike’s pasts will clash, and their moral codes will be put to the test in a tense, heart-pounding game of ‘cat and mouse with the Markides…a notorious and enigmatic Greek Cypriot crime family with links that extend well beyond the boundaries of London and the United Kingdom.

Bishop and Pike will fly around the country and across Europe in search of justice, putting their entire team in harm’s way. Staying undercover will stretch the boys to their limits, blurring the boundaries between good and bad, friend and foe. Is it possible for good cops to pass themselves off as even better criminals? Only time will tell if this is true.

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Clarke and Walters produced the series, and boy, do they know how to blend action, drama, and comedy to perfection. It’s like their own love letter to classic action films, while still demonstrating that British shows can be entertaining. This isn’t The Bill or Line Of Duty, for those who are concerned. It will be remembered as a solid display that ranks alongside The Sweeney and The Professionals in terms of quality.

Bulletproof Season 2

It has strong storylines that will keep you hooked from the beginning, a catchy theme song, and a perfect mix of action, suspense, and humor. Throughout, you’ll be cheering, weeping, and smiling. It’s uncommon for the second season to outperform the first, but the second season does exactly that. It has returned, bigger and better than ever.

The cast is incredible; all of the characters are likable and have ample screen time that you feel like you’re a part of the team. Overall, I would strongly encourage everyone to read this series. It’s not every day that you get a series of high-octane, pulse-pounding thrill rides. You’ll be on the edge of your seat the whole time.

It’s worth watching over and over. Pike and Bishop will be remembered for many years to come. Season 2 of Bulletproof brings it to a whole new stage, with more action, cool cars, and funny lines than Season 1. The second episode adds a romantic aspect, with Aaron Bishop (Noel Clarke) and Ronnie Pike possibly establishing new relationships (Ashley Walters).


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