Bored of watching monster movies having the same old boring storyline of a hero saving all people from a monster?




Director Adam Wingard is all set to bring forth the latest creation, which will leave you amazed.

Godzilla movies are a thing of the past, and the stories of Kong has gotten old too. So, to the spice up the storyline, Adam Wingard will be directing the coming 2021 sci-fi movie Godzilla vs. Kong; this isn’t about any hero; this isn’t about any white knight saving a damsel. The true ferocity of the wilderness, the animal instincts, and the fights for survival, in simple words, an action-packed film is coming up by next year. It is, after all, the 36th film in the Godzilla franchise, the 12th film in the King Kong franchise, so as you can guess, the hype is real.

Release Date and Cast

As of now, it is scheduled to be released in the United States on May 21, 2021; the great Marvel Directors, the Warner Bros, are going to distribute it all over except in Japan, where Toho will handle the task. The initial plan was to air it around May 20, 2020, but blessed with the COVID Pandemic; the schedule was later set to release in 2021 February.

As for the Casts, most of us are hyped about our Strangers Things Girl’s performance, Millie Bobby Brown as Madison Russell, and walking along with the storyline of Godzilla and the Kong she decides, which side should she be on.


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We’ll also get to see Alexander Skarsgard in the movie, who’s ‘not the typical bad-ass hero.’ Kyle Chandler as Madison’s father, Mark Russell. Our chubby little Julian Dennison will also be there.

The Plot

The plot of this coming film will be complicated and filled with twists (I mean, why not?). In the original works of Toho, King Kong vs. Godzilla, both of them has many insane fights, even on the verge of death; upon Mount Fuji, Kong comes back to life when a bolt of lightning hit him, and afterwards, they get immersed in the ocean, and only King Kong comes back. Still, no one confirmed that Godzilla is dead. But this time, they confirmed that there would be a winner.

And the story of Godzilla vs. Kong will rather continue after the plot of ‘Kong, Skull Island,’ even though they cause chaos on a mass scale, these Titans have emerged and are now coexisting with the human race, but feud among the Titans is still there. Meanwhile, the humans are trying to research on the fact how these Titans have emerged. Although the prequel films’ casts will be there, they’ll still go through certain character development, and what side they choose and whom they support greatly influences the storyline. So, make sure to keep your schedule free.