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Dark Mirror appears more applicable than ever, however, may perhaps find a large shift after COVID-19 or if the series resumes production. Throughout the first five seasons of this series, series founder Charlie Brooker addressed actual anxieties and concerns that people have in the Digital Age, coupled with sociopolitical spins that appear to foreshadow the future!

Black Mirror episodes frequently remind crowds how cruel the world can be and reveal how tech-addicted men and women relate to one another. Oddly enough, the newest episodes of Black Mirror feel somewhat obsolete for the only reason they were created and published before the COVID-19 pandemic altered the entire world. Thus, what can fans expect from Black Mirror season, and just how will Brooker integrate COVID-19 civilization, in the slightest?

Besides the 2018 interactive movie Bandersnatch, just three Black Mirror episodes have launched since 2018. Back in June 2019, the show 5 installations capitalized on present trends with episodes concerning virtual reality (“Dramatic Vipers”), social websites (“Smithereens”), and actress culture (“Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too”). Black Mirror season 5 piqued the attention of Netflix subscribers, however, the brand-new productions did not match the psychological depth of classic episodes such as “San Junipero,” Hang the DJ,” or perhaps the very first instalment, “The National Anthem,” by which a politician is blackmailed into performing a lewd act on nationwide tv. Back in “the earlier time”, since the pre-pandemic decades are often known as, Black Mirror amused crowds by suggesting what could occur. Now, that the COVID-19 pandemic has come to be a real-life terror narrative, evidenced by the number of global deaths which have caused the virus. However, life continues, and there is a requirement for high-quality entertainment which locked-down streamers may enjoy from the comfort of their houses.


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In May 2020, Brooker disclosed that Black Mirror season 6 was on hold so he could concentrate on his own “comedic skill set”. The writer-director did not rule out fresh episodes but said he’d rather concentrate on producing himself laugh at this time. Given the entire world continues to quickly change, it is plausible that Brooker has changed back to Dark Mirror conceptualizing. For Dark Mirror period, among the vital things to think about will be the general construction. Before, new seasons have consisted of three to six one-hour episodes. Based on one’s standpoint, a binge could offer a much-needed escape or texture completely overwhelming. Maybe it is ideal to provide audiences with a complete load of Black Mirror episodes, albeit with a couple of stipulations. A complete 10-episode series might be too much, therefore Netflix audiences might better like a week-by-week strategy, which might help individuals gradually transition into whatever will come next through high quality, high-concept entertainment.

Looking forward, Brooker and business are going to want to concentrate on specific stories which could extend past the fundamental technician assumption. By way of example, the majority of men and women know more about the drawback of social networking culture and celebrity culture, therefore 1 Black Mirror season 6 episode might perhaps centre on somebody who’s fully detached from tech. How could such a person communicate with other people throughout the COVID-19 era, and how can their disposition relate to their geographic location and financial situation? At this time, it feels like crowds may enjoy stories which are more about functional domestic theories in 2020. This notion was explored in Shudder’s 2020 Zoom-themed hit, Host.

If “Dramatic Vipers” is all about an escape from reality, possibly a Dark Mirror season 6 episode could concentrate on locked-down couples that will re-connect through good old fashioned physical closeness, with some kind of tech spin, naturally. For brand new episodes to genuinely resonate, Brooker will have to expect what 2021 society might feel like, instead of exploring COVID-related 2020 tech notions that may already feel rancid.

To get the Black Mirror season, both the filmmakers and actors need to shed themselves in the tales. Audiences understand when particular shows are trying extra hard to be applicable, therefore Brooker will have to cross out each his Zoom-themed theories and consider how the majority of individuals will experience life following the pandemic. Rather than producing a film theatre episode that comprises a mask assumption, Brooker should rather explore exactly what the new standard will be outside the obvious fundamentals. By way of example, who can construct new film theatres later on, and what would they look like? Themes such as race, sex, politics and emotional health are always applicable, therefore Brooker could write the script for a new method of life using Dark Mirror season, and so evolve TV–again.