Allergic Chinitis: Children Are More Prone To Allergies Than Adults, Itching In The Eye And Meeting Water Experts When Water Comes Out; Here’s How To Protect

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Parents are alerted when they show symptoms of cold and cough in children, but there are some symptoms that parents often do not understand. Such as frequent sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes. These symptoms are allergic. In scientific language, it is called allergic rhinitis. Expert says it is important to understand what the child is allergic to so that it can be kept away from the child.

Children Are More Prone To Allergies Than Adults

What is Allergic Rhinitis, how it affects children, and how to avoid it, know the answers to these questions from Dr. Krishna Chugh, Head of Pediatrics Department of Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram

What Is Allergic Rhinitis?

Such things that cause allergies in children and adults are called allergens. When the body comes in contact with such allergens, the immune system that protects against diseases starts working more quickly. As a result, the condition worsens.

Allergens occur not only outside, but also indoors. Airborne pollutants also cause respiratory allergies. Apart from the pollutants present in the air, some special chemicals used in homes, dust, soil can also become the cause of allergy.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) says, 93 percent of children under the age of 15 breathe in polluted air. This may affect their health. The danger also remains because children breathe more than adults.

Find Out The Reason For Allergy-Like This

A skin prick test is done to find out what is causing the allergy. Apart from this, blood tests can also be done. Allergies are detected by looking at immunoglobulin E-antibodies to specific allergens in the test report. Therefore, seek medical advice on symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis. Do the test when the symptoms appear again and again.

How To Protect Children From Allergies

If symptoms of allergic rhinitis are seen, medical advice should be taken immediately to prevent it from growing. Allergies can be caused not just from outside, but also from home. Therefore it is important to take care of some things, such as-

Regularly clean curtains, carpets, sofas in homes. The dust and dust mites present in it can also cause allergies. Change the covers of bedsheets and pillows at intervals of few days.

Keep the air conditioner and air purifier filters clean. Do not close the house from all sides, open the windows in the middle so that ventilation remains. When the level of pollution in the city increases, children must go out and apply masks.

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Haikyuu Season 5: Read All The Latest Updates Here!!!

‘Haikyuu!!' is a sports anime about volleyball based on the manga series of the same name written and illustrated...

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