All the bloody Mayhem is in store for Castlevania 3




The heart aching story of the Dracula and his lone wolf son is out, and needless to say, it’s on fire.
Warren Ellis and Ayami Kojima, quote, “the season one overperformed.” And the fanbase got a boost when the famous Game character Alucard took over the screen. They promised in an interview that in season 3, there’d be more blood, more mayhem, and chaos for humanity itself, and till now, they’ve lived up to their promise.

Release Date of Castlevania Season 3

It was released on the 5th of March in 2020, and people swarmed in millions to have its taste. Till now, it’s said to be the best season out of the three. In only a week, it’s up-votes crossed a few million.

Casting Members of Castlevania Season 3

Now that the Dracula is no more, Alucard, played by James Callis, will continue the legacy and Armitage as Trevor will be there to cause trouble.
Other prominent casting members include Alejandra Agueda as Sypha, Theo James as Hector, and Adetokumboh M’Cormack as Issac. Even without the Dracula, the series is in its peak with these promising casts.

The plot of Castlevania season 3

In the previous seasons, we learn how Dracula’s wife asks him to be more kind and relate to the human world, but the humans conspired against her and murdered her in cold blood. Dracula was dangerous and ordered his army to march out and end the whole human race.
While, season three is entirely independent as the story expands to other parts of the land and away from the castle, the season starts with Alucard as a shell of the man he used to be, the fact that he had to kill his father shredded his soul as he mourns in loneliness.

Meanwhile, after casting a spell on the villa Sypha and Trevor went on their adventures to slay the rest of Dracula’s army. And as the plot proceeds further, we can see Trevor and Sypha falling for each other through their line of work.

Two siblings end up at Alucard’s doorstep and eventually, Alucard’s gloomy days were over as he trained them, he even thought of passing his legacy to them. Still, the siblings were unsatisfied and got impatient; greed led them to betrayal, and betrayal led them to meet their fate at the hands of their very master, Alucard.