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AJ and the queen is a Netflix Original series following the adventures of Robert, aka drag queen Ruby Red and his companion AJ an obnoxious 10-year-old with street smarts and a chip on her shoulder.


There is no official indication of an upcoming season 2. However, given that the show only debuted in January 2020, there is still ample time for such an announcement.


There is no announcement for the trailer of season 2. Meanwhile,, click below to get a brief idea of season 1 by watching the trailer. Make sure to stay tuned on the moscoop for all the latest updates on this series.


Netflix’s AJ and the Queen features a full cast of colorful characters, including: Michael-Leon Wooley as Robert’s best friends, roommate, and fellow drag queen Louis aka Cocoa Butter; Josh Segarra as Hector, Robert’s too-good-to-be-true boyfriend who Robert discovers is a grifter; and Tia Carrere as Lady Danger, Hector’s partner-in-crime.

Netflix Cancels RuPaul's 'AJ and the Queen' After Only One Season


At the end of AJ and the Queen’s season 1 finale, AJ has been reunited with her drug-addict mother Brianna, Robert has realized she wants to adopt AJ, and Louis aka Cocoa Butter has been crowned the first alternate for Miss Drag USA. Robert’s financial worries were somewhat rectified during the finale, but his story is nowhere near finished.

Season 1 ends with most of these storylines left up in the air: Louis walks in on Officer Kennedy and another man, and, understandably, storms off in anger. Season 2 may see the two reconcile. Brianna is reunited with AJ in the finale’s final scene, but it is clear that AJ is furious with her mother, and Robert is heartbroken to see the 10-year-old go. The final moments of the finale suggest season 2 will be about Robert’s journey to reunite with AJ.